Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Connection - Maple Ridge, BC

Dear Friends,

Our family just got back from a quick trip to Manitoba. It was nice to get away and visit my family, some of whom we had not seen for 2 years, it’s just too bad that we had to spend more time driving than visiting J … or so it seems. Although the time was busy with long days and late nights and many kids (my one brother has 4 youth children), it was emotionally refreshing. Hopefully you’ll find me (more) cheerful and ready to go. I also had some time to mull over what we are doing, and how we are doing, and I was able to regain the focus that I believe the Lord wants us to have. I look forward to sharing with you all.

As you know, we’ll be starting the new school year in a few days. (I think some schools are already in action.) So this will be a great time of new beginnings for our church. To that end I want to commit the coming Tuesday and Wednesday (26th & 27th) to fasting and much prayer. If you can join in by either putting aside a solid meal and drink juice instead, or letting go of a luxury (like TV) during part of one of those 2 days that would add a lot of power to our church.

Yours always, John Martens

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Mexico Mission Trip

Our Missionaries to Mexico traveled to Casa Hogar de la Montana, Children's Home of the Mountains on July 18th-26th. Our missionaries were Chip, Sue, Robert, Rose, Rebecca, Christian, Brett, Andrea, Tammy, David, Suzette and Tia. They led Bible School and completed construction on one of the houses for the children. Below are a few of the great pictures that they brought back.

Keep Philip and Rebecca Askey and the Children's Home of the Mountains in your prayers. God is doing great things!