Wednesday, October 27, 2010


‘Watch and Pray’
Matthew 26:36-45



WESTCOAST JAPANESE CHURCH, Vancouver, BC (Pastor Katsumi Muramatsu) PRAISE God for the recent baptism. THANK God for this encouragement since this is only the 2nd baptism in 6 years of church planting, in this difficult evangelistic field. PRAY for 2 or 3 more candidates considering baptism. ASK God to show them the need to follow Him in this step of obedience. (
ORIGIN CHURCH, (University of BC, Vancouver) Pastor/Church Planter Craig O’Brien – news, prayer requests, become a friend of Origin Church

JEANNE MANIRE wife of Kelly (Student Ministry Strategist) will be having surgery on November 23. PRAY for the doctors and for Jeanne’s healing according to God’s timing and way.

LAOTIAN CHURCH, Surrey BC (Pastor Tounkham Homsombath) PRAISE GOD that they have been able to purchase a facility that will become their new church home. PRAY that they can find an architect to help them make the necessary changes and ASK God to provide finances & skilled volunteers to do the work.
SURREY CHINESE BAPTIST CHURCH (pastorless) PRAY as they develop a team for Southeast Asia mission trip Nov 1-17. PRAISE GOD for the baptism of 3 people this month and for the 4th year celebration of their Delta church plant. Alan Au, moderator

THE CONNECTION, Maple Ridge, BC (Church Planter John Martens) PRAY for the church as they seek to do a re-start and reorganization of the church. THANK God for a team of 4 couples training to form a core group. PRAY that they would be able to reach & train others. ASK that God's will be done as they seek a new meeting place that is both suitable and affordable. (

PRAY FOR UNIVERSITY STUDENTS, YOUNG ADULTS & LEADERS … PASSION VANCOUVER – November 5, 2010 PRAY for the thousands of university students, young adults and their ministry leaders from Canada and US gathering to experience God.
PRAY FOR VISION TRIPS … Three Vision Tours have been scheduled for the purpose of introducing pastors, Directors of Missions, Church staff members and others to what God is doing in WestCoast Baptist Association with the hope that they will become partners. The dates are: February 22-24, 2011; April 26-28, Contact International Advocate Dan Crawford

PRAY FOR TRAINING … We praise God for answered prayer for the LEAD 360 on-line discipleship program. Royal Heights has become the first church to become a LEAD 360 Center, and the West Coast Center currently has 5 courses offered this fall, including a Korean women’s group with 7 ladies. PRAY that this discipleship training program continue to touch lives and prepare all church members to be on mission with Christ. For information about LEAD360 please contact or go to

His Student,
Glenna Heidt

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


CHURCH ON THE ROCK GLOBAL, Pitt Meadows. (Josh and Lisa Arrington,Lead Planters)

PRAY for the favor of the Lord as Josh and Jason set up meetings with several leaders in Pitt Meadows including the mayor and school administrators at the elementary and secondary schools. ASK for open doors and opportunities to have a positive impact on the community and to take the Gospel into some of the darkest places in Pitt Meadows. The city is still in the planning stages of building a brand new chapel in one of its newest subdivisions for weddings and a possible church to use on a weekly basis. They are also looking into possible groups or individuals to oversee the building so PRAY that the Lord would make it very clear if Church on the Rock is suppose to have a part in this. They are seeing new families come to the weekly services each of the past three weeks. ASK the Lord to continue to bring new families each week and relationships with families that do come regularly would strengthen. Many people in Pitt Meadows have been deeply hurt by "church" in the past so PRAY that they will have favor with the people as the name of Jesus is lifted up.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Greetings from Guyana!

WOW! What A Day!

We were supposed to leave the hotel at 8:30 am but due to a communication problem we didn't leave until 10. We were dismayed that it seemed that we had lost precious visiting and witnessing time. God's timing is perfect.

Reyburn and the pastor's wife, Merle, visited a lady and Reyburn led her to Jesus.

Bob and young local visited a barber who had lived in Houston a while. He had a customer but Bob will take Reyburn and me to visit him tomorrow or the next so that we can see him in Houston when he visits the States in the future.

I went with Pastor Steve and his daughter, Lydia, across the street to visit a man who had attended churches but was not saved. The Lord had the man heavy on the pastor's heart.

We stood at his padlocked gate and called for him for 10 minutes. I was ready to conclude that he wasn't home. Then he opened his gate and let us in. We sat with him, I shared my testimony and he received Jesus as his Lord and Savior!

He promised to be at Wednesday night's service.

After lunch we rested @ the hotel for an hour or so and returned. I studied for my sermon while Reyburn, Bob and Pastor Cedric took a taxi to visit someone. They turned out to not be home.

There is a man directly across from the church. He is demonized, disruptive and disrespectful and only wears shorts. No other clothes.

The Lord put it on my heart to confront him the next time he wandered into the church's yard to disrupt us. So, I did.

I spoke to him and the order of the Lord fell. I didn't even realize it until later when the others pointed out that when I called him over to where I was sitting on the porch he literally sat at my feet.

I asked if he heard voices in his head which he denied. He asked if I thought he was crazy. I said, "no, I think you are tormented" and I offered to pray for him.
He refused prayer but promised to be at the church building that night to hear me preach. I looked him in the eye, shook his hand and said, "I love you."

I preached tonight. Frankly, I am amazed at the boldness which with I preached. I don't "preach", per se, but tonight the Lord preached through me with great simplicity, clarity, passion and power.

I was stunned. Team member Bob (78) wept uncontrollably and there were three who prayed to receive Jesus as Lord. Thank you for your prayers and to God be the praise!

Oh! The Man from across the street was there! Wearng pants! And a dress shirt! And shoes!!! He sat alone in the back and after I thanked him for being there he hung around and was one of the last to bid us goodnight as our ride took us back to our hotel. Ain't God good?

So far I think 6 have been saved and 4 have re-dedicated their lives since Sunday night just in this one little church.

Some prayer concerns:

1) Pastor Steve is an active cancer patient who is blind due to the cancer. Tonight his wife rushed him home after the service. He was in great pain tonight and it wiped him out (he's ALWAYS in pain and walking 2 blocks today really stretched him.)

2) Bob, our I.C. team member, was sitting in an office chair Sunday afternoon and it collapsed. He hit his head on a table and that is ok but he has a knot in the muscles in his shoulder that is causing him discomfort.

3) Reyburn is preaching tomorrow night. Pray for boldness, power and for tender hearts. He is well received here and we are hoping for God to touch souls through him tomorrow night about 7 pm CST

Again, thank you for your prayers

In His service,
Bob, Reyburn and MIKE(!)

Sent via carrier pigeon.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Josh and Lisa Reach Canada

After a week of challenges at the border, God put the right person at the crossing to walk the family through the process and to grant them a one year visa. Praise the Lord for His mighty works. Pray for our missionaries as they love the wonderful people of Canada.
Praying for Ukraine
June 16-28, 2010

Mrs. Sherry Ruhl & Ms. April Ruhl
will join along with 21 other Americans in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ to family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors of church members in and around Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Please join in praying for:
Traveling Grace
Physical Health
Right words to say when speaking
Spiritual protection
Physical protection
Security in the Lord
"...but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth." Acts 1:8

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Upcoming MISSION Events: (Please Join Us In Prayer)

  1. Free Lunch Wednesdays - Harmon Park - 10 % of children in Texas go to bed hungry. Let's make a difference in our city. Join us in feeding kids in Wise County during the summer.

  2. VBS - Saddle Ranch Sports Camp - First Baptist Church Decatur - June 13 - 17

  3. Ruhl's on Mission to Ukraine with International Commission - June

  4. Student Ministry Mission Trip to New Mexico - June 26th - July 2nd

  5. Blue Jeans & BBQ Patriotic Sunday - July 4th - First Baptist Church Decatur - Bring Someone!

  6. College Mission Trip to Vancouver - Maple Ridge "The Connection" - July 3-10

  7. Trek - Camp Copass - 3rd - 6th graders - July 12 - 16

  8. Student Life Camp - University of North Texas - July 26 - 30

  9. Pray for those going to Mexico and other places to touch lives during the Summer!

Lots of things are happening in the next 10 Weeks - Ask God to do amazing things as the First Family is On Mission for Him in the world! "Loving God, Loving People and Building Bridges of Hope!"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



IMMANUEL CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP (Pastor Yong Kim) PRAY for travel safety and an effective witness for the 5 who are going on a mission trip May 11-25 to North China. PRAY for them as they seek to share the Gospel through ESL. THANKS to God for making the trip possible. PRAISE God that a lady reached through their street ministry has been baptized. PRAISE God for her encouraging testimony of how she never knew happiness until she accepted Jesus. PRAY for the members who are seeking to go on a mission trip to Vietnam in November.

COMMUNITY OF HOPE (Director Yong Kim) PRAY for the homeless and displaced people that they minister too. ASK that they would know how to be encouragers to them. PRAY that they would be able to care for the additional number of people that they have each day.


PRAY for the 35 students coming on two mission teams to serve in the Greater Vancouver area May 11-June 8. They will receive training in prayer walking, campus ministry evangelism and how to reach other cultures. Also, they will assist Student Ministry Strategist Kelly Manire to establish a website that will explain the need for campus ministries and new church plants aimed at the University Communities across British Columbia. PRAY that every person on these teams will be deeply moved and impacted by the spiritual need in Canada. PRAY that the Lord would burden some of them to return and help with campus ministry. ASK that God do much more than we can ask or imagine and that Jesus would get all the glory in His church and for many generations.

GATEWAY MYANMAR BAPTIST CHURCH (Pastor Thu Soe Kyaw) PRAY that God would give the pastor more time to spend with God. PRAY for his strength as he works bi-vocationally at a night job. PRAY for God’s protection for Nan as she in involved in a family problem about the sale of some property. ASK that God’s will be done and the matter resolved in the right way.


RE: GENERATION (Co-Pastors: John Voth, Terry Teng) PRAY for the Trinity Western University students as most have returned home for the summer. ASK that the pastoral team would be able to concentrate more on the ones still in worship. PRAY that they would be wise in making decisions for the summer.,


PITT MEADOW CHURCH PLANTERS - THANK GOD for the answered prayer for a new church start in this area. Over 18000+ live in this community without a Baptist Church or Evangelical Witness. Josh and Lisa Arrington are moving to begin a work for our Lord in June 2010. God is good!

COMOX VALLEY KOREAN BAPTIST CHURCH, Courtney (Pastor Jaeshin Park) PRAY for a new week night Bible study started for new Christians and/or soon-to-be Christians. ASK for wisdom for Pastor Park as he leads them in knowing how to become Christians. PRAY that the Holy Spirit would give people a clear understanding of His Word.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A New Brochure is available at the Connection Center in the Foyer entitled "GO!" It presents the opportunities for the First Family to be involved in Missions for 2010. You can PRAY for one of these Mission Trips to Canada, Brazil, Paraguay, Mexico or Oklahoma (the closest foreign country!). You can GIVE to the Mission Offering Fund to help provide for other members to go and for resources for First Mission Partners. You can GO - just pick one of the trips and return the tear off for more information. God will make a way for those willing to serve. On the third Sunday in April, Josh Arrington will be sharing his testimony of being called to Canada; that afternoon at 5pm in the Auditorium will be a Mission briefing. Is God calling you to GO?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Message from Randall Everett, Texas Baptist


These past weeks have been heart wrenching as we have watched the events of the unprecedented tragedy in Haiti unfold. Families have been torn apart. People are desperately searching for missing loved ones. These victims need the most basic things that we take for granted; food, water, medical assistance, shelter.
Latest estimates put the death toll at 200,000; approximately 70,000 have already been buried in mass graves. More than one million Haitians were left homeless. It is estimated that over one million children have lost at least one parent. Between 60 and 80 percent of the buildings in Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital, which bore the brunt of the earthquake, were either destroyed or rendered unusable.
Port-au-Prince continues to be plagued by food and water shortages. Fuel, also in short supply, has quadrupled in price. "There are extremely long lines at the few petrol stations" that are opened, said Bela Szilagyi, director of Hungarian Baptist Aid and a leader of the BWAid Rescue24 team.
In a disaster of this magnitude much will be needed. You may be asking how you and your church can be part of the effort to help. Our Disaster Response Haiti Earthquake page on our website will assist churches and individuals to connect with these needs. Click on the Give, Go, Pray and Connect boxes to see how you can assist.
· Give: This will help you make donations that are crucially needed. On Monday, January 25, we sent a medical team from Temple Baptist in McAllen and medical supplies from Baylor Health Care as the first of our relief teams. Mike Roberts, a member at Park Cities Baptist Church donated the use of his company jet. Recordings of the New Testament in Haitian Creole were included in the shipment. The BGCT has also supplied $80,000 to Texas Baptist Men to send 5,000 water filters and buckets which are ready to be shipped. Texas Baptists working through our Baptist hospitals, child care institutions, universities and Texas Baptist Men will continue to discover ways to stay involved.
· Go: At the "Go" box you can indicate your interest in volunteering. Our Church2ChurchPartnerships office will be in touch as opportunities arise. Currently we are in the response phase that requires military and professional teams. When we enter the recovery phase many others will be needed. Volunteers will be required long after the media has left.
· Pray: This box will include specific prayer requests from Haiti. I believe this is the most important part of our commitment. Pray for God to give strength, hope and courage to the victims and the workers.
· Connect: This will provide information for in-kind donations that are urgently needed.
Dr. Gil Lain, pastor of the Paramount Baptist Church in Amarillo, told me that their church decided to donate their entire offering from the Sunday after the earthquake which totaled over $60,000. Whether our gift is $10 or $10,000, our prayers, time and money are needed for our hurting brothers and sisters.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Than Gold Update - Vancouver 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010… 25 days until the Opening Ceremonies!

More Than Gold FYI ……

Ministry Assignments for mission teams and local volunteers are still changing. Over the weekend we learned that VANOC and Translink both completely reworked the schedules for our hospitality sites. How fun is that! So, we were almost done and ready to send your assignments out to you and now ……you’ll just have to wait a bit longer. Please pray for opportunities to talk with folks and that they will be curious about why we are giving away hot drinks for free. Some volunteers will be serving as greeters and assistants at performing arts concerts – pray that people will be drawn to attend and will think about spiritual things as a result.

For mission team volunteers, “What do we get in our registration packets?” has been an oft-repeated question. As a part of your registration fee mission team members will receive: 1 backpack, 1 toque (hat), 1 lanyard/Id tag, 1 prayer guide, 1 copy of Soul Cravings, 5 Book of Hope , 4 New Testaments, 15 Gospels of Mark, 10 MTG pins, 20 pocket guides, and maybe a couple of other surprises! All of these items can be viewed on the website,

“Are there still uniform packages/jackets available?” is another question we’ve been getting frequently. The answer is both yes and no. They are sold out but we are also getting a few last minute cancelations. If you have extras your team is no longer wanting please let us know ASAP and More Than Gold will resell them for you if possible. If you’ve decided at the last minute you would like a jacket/uniform package let us know and we’ll pass along the request. We do know that because we have had fewer mission volunteers sign on than expected we have lots of extra backpacks for sale.

Over the weekend we packed an additional 1208 Care Kits and 641 Welcome Kits to be distributed during the Games. Over 600 Care Kits are already in the hands of local agencies for distribution coinciding with the opening of the Games. All the rest are already committed as well. And we’ve still got more Welcome Kits to put together! Thank you so much to all our partners across the US and Canada who have contributed items and cash toward this project.

More next week!

Kevin Sigsby and Janet Campbell
More Than Gold Outreach Coordinators
131 E. Kings Road, North Vancouver, BC V7N 1H4
604-904-8908 or