Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From the Ruhls - On Mission 2009

March 13, 2009

"Jesus said to him, 'I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me.'" John 14:6

Dear Friends,
Just when you think you have it right, someone sends an update, and the 2008 report has to be changed. So finally, for 2008 there were 624,525 people who indicated they had prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. That brings the 1973-2008 total to 5,026,647. Praise the Lord!!! And we praise Him for what He has done so far in 2009.
We began January with 15 Americans going to Mbabane, Swaziland. One participant had to return home due to the death of his father, but the Lord used the others and the nationals from Zimbabwe and South Africa to record 3,693 people as having prayed to receive Christ.
As we moved into February, we had our annual staff retreat at Mt Lebanon Baptist Encampment in Cedar Hill, TX. The weather was great. The fellowship was heartwarming. Or was that food? No, the food was fulfilling. And the teaching by Dr. Bob Utley was beyond words. I don't have the words to properly describe it. I just enjoyed it so much.
After the retreat, it was time to get folks back out in the harvest fields again. We sent 11 people to Sierra Leone and 6 people to Southern Asia on the same day. Only one of the 11 was originating out of DFW as were two of the 6. So it was sort of an easy day at the airport.
Those that went to Sierra Leone worked in two different cities, Bo and Kenema. In a country still healing from a long civil war and where the majority of the people are Muslim, the participants found fathers allowing their children to hear about Jesus. The team recorded 4,996 people indicating they had prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts.

Praise the Lord!!!
Reyburn Ruhl

Vancouver News & Prayer

March 17, 2009

Ask and it will be given to you: seek and you will find: knock and the door will be opened to you: Luke 11:9

GANG ACTIVITY IN METRO VANCOUVER - "As police, we've always been told by media experts to never say or admit that there is a gang war," Vancouver police chief Jim Chu says "Well, let's get serious. There is a gang war and it's brutal." Since late January there have been 29 shootings (NOW 36) in the Vancouver region, 12 (NOW 13) of them deadly. There is a shooting reported almost every day. PRAY that God’s people will become light in Metro Vancouver and cry out in desperation of a mighty movement of God across the city. PRAY for safety of innocent children and families as many of these shootings take place in public places. ASK that God replace fear with hope and security that only comes from a relationship with Jesus. PRAY that God will raise up labourers for people associated with gangs.
ROCK SOLID SUMMER SPECTACULAR 6 – LOVIN” THE COAST Begin to PRAY for our young people be involved in a summer of worship and servant evangelism. Friday, July 3 there will be a rally with partners from Southwest Park Baptist Church in Texas inspiring young people with worship, drama and more. The following three weeks will be a time to love their community with servant evangelism and then on Friday July 24 a celebration rally with partners from First Baptist Church of Biloxi Mississippi. ASK that God will stir the hearts of leadership in our churches to spur their young people to be involved in this opportunity for corporate worship; fellowship with other young people and be involved in servant evangelism in their community. Conrad Au

PRAY for the prayerwalking team from North Carolina (March 25-28) under the leadership of Glenn Walker who will be walking in the community in Surrey among Hindu & Sikh’s; Simon Fraser University and University of BC. ASK that the Spirit will alert them to where He is working. PRAY that God will provide many divine encounters.

REGION 1 – VANCOUVER (Advocate Gary Loudermilk)

THE OPEN HOUSE (Pastor Kyle Martin) PRAY for their time of transition in the move to a new meeting place. THANK God for Pastor Kyle & Anna’s beautiful baby boy Jude Russell. PRAY that the community would be flexible and supportive of Kyle’s new role as a father. ASK for God’s wisdom as the church continues to look for ways to give away money, time and energy in their community. PRAY for God’s direction as they develop partnerships with other ministries. ASK God to bless many through their giving. PRAY that the group would continue to develop deeper relationships with each other and learn what it looks like to live out their mission of ‘walking in a Jesus direction’.(

CITYVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH (Pastor Craig O’Brien) Loving people some times has challenges. 20 brave adults and children were challenged with rain, wind, snow and cold on Sunday to “Love Main Street” The streets were cleaned and gifts with a Celtic prayer were given out in love and with smiles. Thank you for your prayers. PRAY for our next “Love Main Street event in May. ASK that the church be faithful as they take part in a 14 day “Watch & Pray” leading up to Easter. PRAY that God would encourage the church and show that He indeed answers prayer.. (

REGION 3 – UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE (Advocate Kelly Manire)

BAPTIST STUDENT MINISTRY NETWORK – Suzanne Perry and Rich Carruthers (* The Baptist Student Ministry Network is comprised of the Born For More student club, UBC Baptist Chaplaincy, English Corner, and the Point@UBC church planting "seed.") THANK GOD for the many opportunities for significant spiritual conversations through Meal with Matthew, English Corner, and social events; God is raising up partners for the work among international students. Some of the Persian and Korean graduate students are showing a new openness to discuss spiritual things; the porn debate and lecture was a display of genuine Christian love; God spoke through Tony Campolo, addressing issues of seeking first His Kingdom. PRAISE GOD for the fresh things happening on campus; and for opportunities to love and serve people within their circles of influence. PRAY for the Iranian New Year celebration the next two weeks; game night this Friday; “Free Books & Study Bags” giveaway/end of term outreach; planning for Chaplains-sponsored outreach early in the fall. PRAY for students as they complete the semester finishing papers, projects, and writing exams. PRAY for God to continue to show the team how to take their current relationships with students to the next level. PRAY that God will resource the personnel and ministry activities at UBC. ASK Him specifically for a housing solution for everyone on the team. PRAY for God's guidance in a possible mission trip to the Middle East this summer.

THE POINT CHURCH, Simon Fraser University – Burnaby (Pastor Victor Thomas) PRAY that they finish the Spring semester well and see many of the students they have been walking with come to know Him. PRAY for the planning for the summer break, as they make a large effort to grow their morning family service. PRAISE Him for 3 baptisms and 1 salvation this past month. God is good!

PRAY for Awakening Expo Day 2009 March 28 at Blusson Hall/SFU. ASK that God’s people will come together to be inspired and equipped to get out into your community and make a difference. The church is hosting a prayer vigil on Good Friday April 10, 6 pm to Saturday April 11, 6 am (SFU – West Mall Complex). Local churches will unite for prayer to focus on the message of Easter to take root in the hearts of individuals and in the fabric of the city, nation and world; pray for children and families; for each other’s churches and to intercede for the needs in the city and the whole world. .. Contact the awakening office 604.980.4911 or email: for more information on these two events.


LAOTIAN BAPTIST CHURCH (Pastors Pheng Sundara & Tounkham Honsombath) PRAY for God’s will to be known as they seek affordable property to buy. ASK that members would be faithful to share the Gospel with the lost. PRAY for Pastor Sundara as he mentors Pastor Honsombath. PRAISE God that for the baptisms that will take place Easter Sunday. (

His Student,
Glenna Heidt

Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 2, 2009

“Hear, O Lord, when I cry with my voice! Have mercy also upon me, and answer me.”
(Psalm 27:7)

A city-wide renewal week-end with Dr. Henry, Richard and Tom Blackaby EXPERIENCING GOD TOGETHER – FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS March 6 & 7 in Richmond BC. PRAY that registration will increase. ASK that God prepare the hearts of His people to respond in obedience to the Holy Spirit. More information at

VANCOUVER/WHISTLER 2010 OLYMPIC/PARALYMPICS – PRAY for the Open Crowd Festivals working group (Tim Rowe and Heather Robertson) ASK for favor with Park Boards in Vancouver regarding the use of their parks. PRAY for favor with School Boards to be able to promote open crowd festivals in elementary schools. THANKSGIVING for the support and encouragement from Mt Pleasant Social Coordinating group as well as the relationships with shopping malls in Vancouver, North Van and Burnaby.

Continue to PRAY for our own Janet Campbell and Kevin Sigsby, More Than Gold Outreach Coordinators. ASK for local churches to use this opportunity to reach into their neighborhood as we also minister to the world.

REGION 1 – VANCOUVER (Advocate Gary Loudermilk)

VANCOUVER CHINESE BAPTIST CHURCH – Pastor Yee-Shing Wong PRAY for the Family Easter Celebration “He is Risen!” on April 3 – 7:30-9 pm. ASK that the community respond as they hear, see and participate in some exciting events at the church. If your church would like to attend please contact Ruth Tan for more information – 604-324-6314; ext. 229


FIRST EAST INDIAN BAPTIST CHURCH (Pastor Vincent Paul) PRAY for Vincent as he awaits triple by-pass heart surgery scheduled for mid to late March. ASK for peace and grace for Vincent and his family and church.


THE CONNECTION, Maple Ridge, BC (Pastor John Martens) PRAY for the church to grow to an attendance of 75 this year. ASK God to bring the right people from new families. PRAY that the finances would be stabilized. ASK God to raise up new partners. PRAY that local people would meet to give goals by the end of year. PRAISE God for the baptisms they are having. THANK Him that most of the people attending are pre-Christian. ASK for God’s wisdom and guidance for some people who are praying about coming to help out as long term volunteers. ASK God to send someone to help out with administration so Pastor John can focus on evangelism. PRAY that the movie would be edited quickly and with be good quality. ASK that it would be used to bring glory to God’s name. ASK that the Martens family would be able to rest and have good sleep at night. (

REGION 15 – VICTORIA (Advocate Keith Davies)

COP CARE – Chaplain Ben Yablonski - THANK YOU for your consistent prayer and financial support. ASK God to open doors of opportunity; that He will prepare people’s hearts; give wisdom and protection. THANK GOD for the encouragers that helps get this ministry crossing the thresholds into the Police & 911 communities. PRAY for Ben as he meets with officers; visits & rides with them. ASK for listening ears and appropriate sharing. ASK that he will demonstrate God’s Love in this world.


1. MORE THAN GOLD - PRAYERWORKING GROUP for the Olympics is planning to prayerwalk every Olympic venue and other strategic locations in Vancouver and Whistler before 2010 Winter Olympics. March 14 – Richmond Oval. This is the location for the speed skating.

2. North Carolina Partnership - March 24-28, 2009 with Hands On Mission Inc Prayerfully consider joining this team. Contact Glen
Walker at to join or for more information.

3. Dr. Dan Crawford has scheduled a prayer journey in 2009 for Metro Vancouver. July 20-25 Prayerfully consider joining the team. Contact to enlist or for more information.

4. If you would like to bring a team to Vancouver at a time not listed please contact

His Student, Glenna Heidt, Prayer Consultant
Canadian National Baptist Convention/Vancouver Focus, 131 E Kings Road, North Vancouver BC V7N 1H4. 604-904-8908 Prayerline: 604-984-PRAY Fax: 604-984-7739
"our God is able....and He will" Daniel 3:17