Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Will You Be ONE on MISSION 2009?

The Mission Committee is busy making plans for 2009 and our support of Missions. We were able to give $15,000 to Lottie Moon and love offerings to each of our partners in missions for Christmas. Now we must go and help them in the field.

Pray about Going to Vancouver in April or June or August or Fall 2009. There are needs to build a storage room, help build showers, renovate a family life center, fix meals, make visits, help with Bible School, host a marriage conference and deliver gifts to specific individuals and businesses to build a bridge of ministry. What is God calling you to do? Would you be willing to go and help The Connection in Maple Ridge, Westlynn Baptist Church on the North Shore or The Church on the Mountain in Whistler? Please pray and let the Mission Committee know if you are interested.

Pray about going to Mexico. There will be two trips in June. One will be Youth and Sponsors; the other will be Families/Adults. Cost is $350 for food and lodging at the Children's Home plus food on the way and cost for visas at border. Church will provide transportation costs. Will you be ONE to touch Mexico and help the Askeys.

Other Opportunities involve going on an IC trip with Reyburn or visiting Paraguay to help Roberto and Nancy or going to Kenya to support the Evans and Remichs. What is God calling you to do?

A Brochure is being prepared with more information! Please pray about going or giving!
Check more info at - Missions.

Your Mission Committee 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

From Whistler -- The Chomlacks


Howdy from Whistler. We hope that all is well in your parts of reality. We want to thank you for your on going encouragement and support with what God is doing in Whistler, which is always bigger than we know. Here are some "things to know" about life here. There has been many wonderful things but this email contains more of raw issues we are facing. It is more of a update to say, we NEED you to stand with us and as life is, it is not always rosy and it is usually where the Kingdom is at work.

if you could take some time to remember to pray for our community as we have seen more deaths this year than most. Ranging from tragic avalanche's to drug overdoses. We live in a small community so people are effected very fast. As a community of faith we have been given the privledge to show hope and love during these times. Pray that continues.

Each year it never ceases to amazing me of the relational issue we face in this wee community. Both great successes and great pain. This season has been no surprise of challenges... lots of drama but loads of opportunity for the Lord to be who he is. Please keep us in prayer as walk alongside people.

Something that has been on my mind and heart for awhile and have noticed a lot of tension in our town and community is sort of bi-polar sort of hunger for walking with Jesus. Thus at times the life of a pilgrim but i would ask if you could pray for an increase in this area, the love for God and love for others.

Stace and i are doing well and kids are well. Lots of activity and seems like we can never get enough time. Life with 4 year old and 6 year old. Please pray for us protection, wisdom, time and rest. Money is a month to month thing for us and we have been so blown away with God's provision over the last months, he is faithful.
Thank you again and look forward to writing again.
Please fire back an email and let us know what is happening or phone us.

Chad Chomlack