Wednesday, May 12, 2010



IMMANUEL CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP (Pastor Yong Kim) PRAY for travel safety and an effective witness for the 5 who are going on a mission trip May 11-25 to North China. PRAY for them as they seek to share the Gospel through ESL. THANKS to God for making the trip possible. PRAISE God that a lady reached through their street ministry has been baptized. PRAISE God for her encouraging testimony of how she never knew happiness until she accepted Jesus. PRAY for the members who are seeking to go on a mission trip to Vietnam in November.

COMMUNITY OF HOPE (Director Yong Kim) PRAY for the homeless and displaced people that they minister too. ASK that they would know how to be encouragers to them. PRAY that they would be able to care for the additional number of people that they have each day.


PRAY for the 35 students coming on two mission teams to serve in the Greater Vancouver area May 11-June 8. They will receive training in prayer walking, campus ministry evangelism and how to reach other cultures. Also, they will assist Student Ministry Strategist Kelly Manire to establish a website that will explain the need for campus ministries and new church plants aimed at the University Communities across British Columbia. PRAY that every person on these teams will be deeply moved and impacted by the spiritual need in Canada. PRAY that the Lord would burden some of them to return and help with campus ministry. ASK that God do much more than we can ask or imagine and that Jesus would get all the glory in His church and for many generations.

GATEWAY MYANMAR BAPTIST CHURCH (Pastor Thu Soe Kyaw) PRAY that God would give the pastor more time to spend with God. PRAY for his strength as he works bi-vocationally at a night job. PRAY for God’s protection for Nan as she in involved in a family problem about the sale of some property. ASK that God’s will be done and the matter resolved in the right way.


RE: GENERATION (Co-Pastors: John Voth, Terry Teng) PRAY for the Trinity Western University students as most have returned home for the summer. ASK that the pastoral team would be able to concentrate more on the ones still in worship. PRAY that they would be wise in making decisions for the summer.,


PITT MEADOW CHURCH PLANTERS - THANK GOD for the answered prayer for a new church start in this area. Over 18000+ live in this community without a Baptist Church or Evangelical Witness. Josh and Lisa Arrington are moving to begin a work for our Lord in June 2010. God is good!

COMOX VALLEY KOREAN BAPTIST CHURCH, Courtney (Pastor Jaeshin Park) PRAY for a new week night Bible study started for new Christians and/or soon-to-be Christians. ASK for wisdom for Pastor Park as he leads them in knowing how to become Christians. PRAY that the Holy Spirit would give people a clear understanding of His Word.